Blanket gift set


This set includes 3 items, one X-large Multifunctional blanket, one lovey/security blanket, one mini multifunctional wrap.

  • Multifunctional Blanket: This blanket is very versatile, use it as a regular blanket, tummy time blanket, nursing or stroller cover, throw blanket, swaddle, changing table cover, or beach blanket. Size approximately 53”X53” 100% pure Turkish Cotton.
  • Lovey Blanket: Loveys are great in many ways. From separation anxiety to teething, lovey blanket can provide comfort and security for your child. With an easy-to-use loop, attach pacifier/teether when needed, no snap to prevent unnecessary openings and loss of pacifier or teether. Size approximately 15”X15”, 100% Cotton
  • Mini Square Blanket: This mini blanket is supper handy and can be used in many ways, Use it as burp cloth, bandana bib, wipe, and lovey. Size approximately 21”X21”, 100% Cotton

Great Gift Option: This set is a perfect gift for baby shower, birthday and holidays. These cotton baby blankets are 100% planet-friendly, sustainable and safe for baby’s delicate skin.