How I knew I’d found my calling with Leyl&Ari

What I’ve always found powerful about trees is that its roots can be up to three times wider than the foliage that we see.

For the beautiful tree that Leyl&Ari is becoming, I want to acknowledge the roots that have made me and this business what it is.

Like the roots I have as a granddaughter of a farmer and fabric manufacturer. These continue to inspire my deep connection and respect for nature and clean living. And the roots I have as a daughter, witnessing the work that went into all the products we used and all the food we eat. These ties allow me to appreciate to this day the beauty in the simplicity.

And the more recent roots I have developed as a cancer care nurse and a mother. Each day, I see how our environment affects our well-being and our livelihood. From childhood asthma and skin sensitivities to caring for those who are sick and suffering as a result of exposure to toxic substances, our environment has an outsized impact on our health.   

That’s why I felt called to help that environment and to create natural and organic products for babies. It’s my mission and my calling to keep this tree growing, a tree that’s nourished by my roots and my experiences.

Here at Leyl&Ari most of our products are made in the USA. Our fabrics are either made in the USA or sourced mainly from Europe.

We hire local cut-and- sew companies as well as local moms to support our production. There’s nothing like teaming up with other moms to make products like these. It’s with them I feel that our mission comes to life, as each cloth we sew, we think about our own kids. That kind of love and care isn’t found just anywhere.