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As parents, we have the power to shape the world.

 And though parenting itself can be a humbling experience (who hasn’t felt powerless in the face of a little one’s tantrums?), it comes with the responsibility to leave a better world for our children.

One way we shape the world is with each purchase we make.

As consumers, we have the power to demand what’s offered to us.

When we accept less than what we demand, we give up that power.

When we remember our power, we can make better choices. 

When it’s known that polyester can cause allergic reactions and lead to respiratory problems, we can choose to support brands that opt out of polyester.

When it’s known that working conditions in factories that we don’t personally know can be suspect, we can choose tosupport brands that work locally.

When it’s known that buying disposable goods actually costs more in the long run, we can choose to invest in quality that lasts.

By showing the market what it is that we demand, the supply will come to meet it.

Whether you are getting natural, organic, and USA- made baby basics from leyl&Ari or making buying decisions in other areas of your life, know that you have power to make the world better.


At Leyl & Ari, we plant one tree for every order placed across the globe.